This track is dedicated to a vibrant character of the community who sadly passed away during the making of this project. Before her death I only knew Joyce as a family friend who came for Christmas dinner every year, as she had no family of her own. I have since learnt how the community was dependant on her as shop keeper and as someone who always had time to talk. Her death symbolised for me the decline in village characters and community spirit as her and her shop were the hub of the village. For more about the track and how it was composed see the blog post entitled 'A New Song'. 

The Shop Keeper - Kate Griffin

The Shop Keeper - Live in Concert 6th April


Once a year she comes for dinner,

Greeting cards for everyone,

The Queen's speech is on but she isn't even listening,

For to be with friends of old.

Forty years she's served us well,

With her time she'd buy and sell

They would come and sit in the corner of the store,

Young and old would share their tales.

The photographs you kept, and those that you left,

Open up our eyes, to days you knew.

With the changing of the years,

Houses grow, roads run for miles,

But the heart of town in slipping through her fingers,

With the closing of the store.

Watching from her window, faces come and go.

Stories that she'd love to know.

I thought I lived in a country where you wouldn't have to die alone, 

You never deserve to be lonely so we'll be your own.

With her burns a library,

The past has turned to dust.

But I'll try remember and never let the memories fade,

And catch the leaves before they fall.