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Updated: Dec 4, 2018

"A gallant hunter and charger carried his owner from 1913-1927 throughout the Great War 1914-1918" reads the headstone of a war horse's grave a few field over from my house. Shown to me by my uncle a while ago, the grave really shows our capacity to love and care for our animals and this horse is surely worthy of such a tribute, serving and surviving the Great War. I can't remember whether it was my uncle who told me or where I found it but the horse is said to have been owned by Captain Holford of Whelford, a man remembered by elders including my grandmother.

The song tells the story of Pink from a simplistic, outsiders view as without knowing more of the specific details of the horse and owner's life, I didn't want to forge my own version of their history. The words of the headstone directly influenced my lyrics forming the basis of the refrain:

For you are a gallant hunter,

You served and you survived,

Come home my dear stallion,

For one last ride.

You can see more about the track and hear a demo version on it's project page, but as to where this track is heading in terms of soundscapes I'm not yet sure...


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