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Arranging the tracks for live performance

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Rehearsals have begun in preparation for the concert at Kempford village hall and I have discovered that translating the EP tracks to a stage performance is more difficult than I imagined. I want to give the audience an accurate representation of the recorded EP so have recruited four musicians to perform with me on the night. The line-up includes Joss Mann-Hazell on bass, Manon McCoy on flute and vocals, and two musicians who were involved in the creation of the EP, Emma Hetherington providing spoken word and Ford Collier on guitar. The addition of processed samples has proved the most difficult aspect of the live performance, overcome by programming individual samples into a footswitch module which I will operate on stage. I also made the decision to have Emma recite the spoken word as talking and playing banjo simultaneously was too difficult to execute well. The tracks will be performed in the same order as the EP, with programmed samples to link tracks, such as Pink and What Do You Wanna Know. Most importantly however, the live performance gives me and opportunity to tell the stories behind the songs to the audience. Some of the people who inspired the songs will be at the concert so it will be a valuable chance to explain how I developed their memories and anecdotes into music.

Tickets for the concert are available thought the project home page.


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