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EP Artwork

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

As the tracks start to take shape, I think I've found the five threads of stories to be featured on the EP. They include songs about my family's old pub which was demolished to build a runway, the impact of that same airfield on a tiny village during the Second World War, the tale of a heroic horse who survived the Great War, and also the experience of growing up on the farm and making hay once a year. An instrumental tune has also grown out of my feelings toward home when searching for tales and features samples of my own family recalling amusing stories.

To capture all this in the artwork I drew a wreath depicting different aspects of the songs all intertwined with vines. The past events of generations before me and those happening now seem even more connected after listening to all these stories, and have collectively made me who I am today and also made this EP what it is going to be.

First draft of EP cover


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