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Emerging on the UK folk and world scene, Kate Griffin is a clawhammer banjo player, singer and composer, fusing influences from the British Isles, America and India. Described as “one of the top banjo players in the country” by virtuoso Dan Walsh, her innovative banjo style combines both traditional UK and American folk, whilst also placing the banjo in a contemporary setting. Kate has performed in multiple bands over the last 7 years, recently creating global folk collective Mishra with musical partner Ford Collier, where Indian classical music strongly infects her compositions, fusing multiple styles at the root of a songs development. In her solo career she launched the Wayside Tales project in 2018, which transformed soon to be forgotten stories from her childhood home into reflective compositions, culminating with a performance and EP. Whether focusing locally or globally, Kate strives to forge connections between musical genres, people or generations through her music.

Turning her creative skills to the visual arts, Kate is an experienced photographer and designer working primarily with musicians to visualise their sound. She works closely with artists to create promotional photos and videos, album artwork and website design. See her portfolio for clients and example work. 

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