Clawhammer banjo player and vocalist fusing folk genres from around the world.
Christian Carlisle BBC Radio Sheffield


Formed in 2017 out of the creative partnership between Kate Griffin and Ford Collier, Mishra are a global folk collective who add influences from Indian classical, Americana, and jazz to their roots in U.K folk. For their debut album Joss Mann-Hazell and John Ball join Kate and Ford for seven quartet tracks and four trio tracks, all of which are recorded live-in-the-room, in the loft of a farmhouse in Gloucestershire, to analogue tape. The process of capturing whole performances of the band playing together, and the warmth and incredibly realistic sound of tape compared to digital recording make each track a snapshot of a particular time and place; a musical moment suspended in time.


Wayside Tales Project

Collecting and preserving local stories through original folk song.

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